Program of the Course

Classes take place from Monday to Saturday and they include:


  • Ballet Class 

  • Stretching

  • Virtuosity

  • Classical Variation

  • Character dance 

  • Pas De Deux Class (for the dancers of 16 yrs of age and up)

    Tuition until June 14 2020 -  €990

    Tuition fees from June 15th 2020 (if places are still available) - €1,190  - in accordance with Terms and Conditions

    Accomodation is not provided!

  • We will conclude the 10 - day program with an open - door day, where parents are invited to view classes and watch what we have been working on. 


Submit Online Application Form include 2-3min Video Link - it can be of class (Centre work, point work for ladies over 14 years of age) or of Variation. Video can be filmed using a mobile phone. 

Registrations can be terminated earlier if the number of registered students reaches the maximum number accepted for the 2021 D&D Intensive Ballet Masterclass.


For the admitted Students, the fee is €990 if registered before June 14, Application fee of non-refundable €45 must be paid within 3 days once Application is submitted.


Non refundable Fee of €200 must be paid by May 1st 2021. 

Remaining fees €745 must be paid by June 20, 2021. 


(Please note: From June 15, 2021, fee for the course will be €1,190 and will have to be paid once applicant is accepted!)


Sibling discount - Two sibling Students benefit from 15% off the total cost of tuition fees (if both Students are accepted)


Students applications will be assessed from the photos and *video submitted in order to ensure that they have the requested level of skills for the Masterclass. If the number of selected candidates exceeds the number of places available, the admission will be in the order of registration with a waiting list. Students shall be notified of the result by email. The decision of the ballet staff is final.

Ballet Attire 
  • Ladies - Leotard - (short skirt recomended) / Tights / Point shoes / Character Shoes

  • Gentelmen - Black tights / White T-Shirt / Ballet shoes (black) or white shoes over white socks / Charachter Shoes