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About us

The Intensive Ballet Masterclass Program is a comprehensive training program in classical dance specifically designed for professional and dedicated ballet students aged 12-20. Our program offers exceptional ballet training that delves into the broader realm of dance. In 2024, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of our first D&D Masterclass. Over the years, the D&D Masterclass program has become one of the premier ballet masterclass programs not only in Europe but also in Japan, Panama, and soon in Korea.

D&D Intensive Masterclass program provides students with the opportunity to work alongside renowned ballet professors. We aim to prepare students for the next phase of their professional careers, offering individualized guidance to help them navigate the challenges of training and seamlessly transition into the professional dance world. 

Additionally, through our program, D&D Masterclass opens doors for young students to gain admission to some of the most prestigious international ballet schools. 

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